I offer transcreation services to global brands that want to bring the essence of their message to Argentina and other Latin American countries. If your brand's message is communicated through emotion, has its own tone of voice and personality and uses content with wordplays, idioms or cultural references, then you can be sure that what you need is a transcreation service, not just translation.
I adapt and recreate campaigns and marketing material including video scripts, social media content, banners, claims, taglines, headlines, copies, website content, newsletters, product packaging, presentations and collateral material for Argentina and other Latin American countries.
Voice over direction
I work with talent and sound studios to successfully achieve the brand tone of voice, directing the acting and timing. I direct voice overs via Skype/Zoom representing the client, studio and talent.
Local creativity 
Thanks to my extensive experience as a Creative Director in Argentina I have an in depth knowledge of the local culture, trends, target audience, brands and the advertising market. I work with teams tailored to the project, including copywriters, designers, art directors, film studios, photography and 3D animation.

Transcreation vs translation
Knowing the difference between transcreation and translation is key to hiring the best service for your marketing campaign. Translation services consist of translating words from one language to another. The translator must create a faithful interpretation of the original and his work is limited by the parameters of the source text. Transcreation services usually refers to the creative adaptation of marketing and advertising material, content and SEO keywords to a global audience. They focus on conveying the same message and concept in a new language so that it sounds natural in the local market and is grounded in its culture.

Transcreation services involve translating with a more artistic license and are provided by creative bilingual copywriters who interpret the original brand message and re-create it in the local market. With transcreation, the final message is most often a completely new communication. This work requires understanding the target market and deep analysis of the brand, its personality, its tone of voice and media channels to be adapted correctly in the target country. This is where the creative copywriter's experience comes in to act as the brand's local agency.

It’s important to highlight that the transcreator will take into account not only the words but also the images, the brand’s tone of voice, and the competition in the local market to ensure that the brand is not using a message that has already been used. We could say that the transcreator, in addition to adapting the message, is the guardian of the brand in the local market.

When hiring transcreation services it is important to see beforehand the transcreation work as well as the creative work since it will indicate the level of creativity that the brand will have in the target market.

Why is transcreation important?
As an Argentine I’ve seen a lot of advertising in my country where you immediately realise that is not local, you can easily see that they are using global patterns. This happens because the message is not using the right words, the ones a local would use, the way we speak. It's something that is detected immediately. Something sounds strange and this generates a disconnect between the brand and the consumer. You don't feel connected to the brand because they're not talking to you the way you talk.

When brands use transcreation for their global patterns they ensure that this disconnection does not occur. Native creative copywriters will make the message sound natural in the local market, generating the same impact as the source text and replicating the brand's tone of voice. Transcreation services help marketers have a better return on investment (ROI) for their global campaigns. When you invest large amounts of money in media and production it is important that the message is right.

Transcreation example
As mentioned in the "Little Book of Transcreation" written by Louise Humphrey, James Bradley, Amy Somers and Guy Gilpin "Even in countries that share a language, words do not always share the same meaning". This book illustrates a clear example where transcreation services can save a brand from a big disaster. The Mexican candy company Hershey's began successfully exporting some of its products to Latin America until it faced a problem when it wanted to communicate its product "Cajeta Elegancita" in Argentina. In Mexico "cajeta" is a thick candy but in Argentina "cajeta" is called "dulce de leche" and "cajeta" is a slang word for vagina. A translator would not have noticed this difference but it is the job of a transcreation service to highlight it and come up with alternatives.

When should you use transcreation? 
Transcreation is used to adapt a brand's communication to a global audience. Once the brand’s communication is created and approved in its mother tongue (source message) it is ready to take the message to the different countries where it is present. Transcreation generates positive results when used in marketing and advertising, allowing brands to speak to consumers in their own language convening the same meaning as the source message. You should hire transcreation services when the content to adapt (text, headlines or taglines) contain wordplays, idioms or cultural references.

For highly technical content where a creative interpretation of the brand concept or message is not required, it is preferable to consider translation services rather than transcreation services.

What’s the transcreation process?
Ones you have decided that you need transcreation services instead of translation services you should put together a creative brief for the transcreator. Transcreation services could include local market research, content adaptation, image analysis, direct translation, voice over directions and SEO.

Creating a transcreation brief
A detailed brief is essential to start the transcreation project. The brief should provide all the necessary information about the campaign and the creative concept to be transmitted and specify how the brand should be perceived, the tone of voice to be achieved and what is the desired action in the local market. If possible it should be accompanied by a brand guideline, previous campaigns and other branding material to help the transcreation provider fully immerse themselves in the brand.

What is back translation?
When offering transcreation services the transcreator will be as accurate as possible with the source text, but he or she is also free to change it if there is a better option. Sometimes the message must be re-evaluated and re-created to generate the same impact in a market with a different culture. Along with the adapted message in the local language the transcreator will write a back translation into the original language so that the customer can evaluate the new message which might differ slightly from the original. Along with the back translation, the transcreator will also write a rational explaining why he is proposing the change and why it is better for the local market.

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